Join a class at Bespoke Physiotherapy and you will enjoy the many benefits of group exercise; support, friendship, education, tools to manage your symptoms, just to name a few! All of our classes are instructed by physiotherapists and are conducted in a fun, safe and supportive environment. All classes run for 60 minutes, and are in small groups with no more than four participants.

Balance & Mobility Group

Bespoke Physiotherapy’s Balance & Mobility Group is a fantastic way of improving your balance and core stability in a safe and structured environment under the guidance of our physiotherapists.

This class is designed for any clients wishing to improve their balance. We are able to work with balance difficulties secondary to a range of pathologies including neurological and musculoskeletal conditions as well as general ageing and vestibular diagnoses.

Prior to commencing the Balance & Mobility Group, all clients referred to our practice receive a comprehensive 1:1 assessment with a physiotherapist during which suitability for the class will be determined and discussed with you. You will also receive treatment as required for any acute concerns during this session.

The group includes an initial 1:1 session during which relevant outcome measures are tested and you will be provided with a tailored home-exercise program to support the work you will be doing in the group. You will also receive a second 1:1 session at the end of the group program during which the same outcome measures will be repeated, your home exercise program will be reviewed and progressed as able and recommendations for ongoing management will be discussed with you.

The group sessions run for 60 minutes once a week for 6 weeks, led by one of our physiotherapists experienced in neurological and vestibular conditions.

There is a maximum of 4 clients in every class to ensure that we can give you personalised advice and exercise progressions so that you gain the maximum benefit from the group.

Each class has a short education component at the end, covering topics such as the physiology of balance, fatigue and anxiety, and ongoing self-management strategies. A hand-out will be provided summarising the main points. The education component is run as an open discussion, giving you a change to talk about these topics with your physiotherapist and the other group members.

EPC funding can be used for the 2 individual sessions. Clients with NDIS funding for physiotherapy are able to use this for the Balance and Mobility Group.

Photo by demaerre/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by demaerre/iStock / Getty Images