Neuromuscular Exercise Explained

Neuromuscular Exercise at Bespoke Physiotherapy describes our approach to improving core stability, postural awareness, strength, balance, and flexibility. This may include manual therapies, facilitated movement, clinical Pilates principles, targeted exercises, as well as education and advice on pain, fatigue, and symptom management.

We use manual handling skills and equipment to help you find specific movements and facilitate your strengthening program, with the goal of you being able to undertake exercises independently with optimal technique and thereby gaining maximum benefit. We offer 1:2 Neuromuscular Exercise Re-training classes and 1:3 Neuromuscular Strength and Conditioning classes once you have mastered the basics.

Our physiotherapists have extensive training and full certification with APPI. They are expertly trained to facilitate your recovery, reduce pain and improve core stability; getting you back doing the things that you enjoy.

What are the benefits of Neuromuscular Exercise at Bespoke?

  • Individual and small group classes with a personalised Neuromuscular Exercise program for each client

  • Individual and small group classes enable our physiotherapists to monitor your technique and provide feedback and guidance

  • Improved core activity for greater postural control

  • Improved balance and stability

  • Improved muscular strength and flexibility

  • Increase body tone and overall fitness

  • Injury rehabilitation and prevention

  • Work with a qualified physiotherapist who is a certified Clinical Pilates Instructor

  • Our physiotherapists are highly trained and skilled to work with Neurological, Orthopaedic, Vestibular and Chronic Pain Conditions as well as Rehabilitation after Surgery.

Neuromuscular Strength and Conditioning Group for Pre-habilitation and Rehabilitation

Our team are knowledgeable and dedicated to helping empower our clients throughout their rehabilitation and to facilitate their return to a feeling of joy in movement and a sense of overall wellness. At Bespoke we find that a combination of Physiotherapy and Neuromuscular Exercise can be particularly effective for many clients in achieving these goals.

We can help you recover from:

  • Back Surgery

  • Neck Surgery

  • Brain Surgery

  • Hip Surgery

  • Knee Surgery

  • Shoulder Surgery

  • Chronic Pain- including Neck, Back, Hip, Knee, & Shoulder

Neuromuscular Exercise for the Neurological Client 

There are many benefits of exercise for the neurological client, including those affected by Stroke, Acquired Brain Injury, Parkinson's, Cerebral Palsy (CP)  and Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

Our team of physiotherapists use their expertise in the field of Neurology to modify and tailor exercise programs to the individual needs of those living with a neurological condition.

Neurological Rehabilitation puts a strong emphasis on strength and conditioning, gait retraining, balance and dynamic stability to facilitate improved function and movement. Our physiotherapists work with you; providing education, support and exercises focused on your goals and needs.

All of our Physiotherapists have completed “An Introduction to Pilates for Neurological Clients”, as well as certification. Our very own Jane Costello is the co-creator and presenter of “An Introduction to Pilates for Neurological Clients” course, where she educates and teaches physiotherapists for the Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA).