Vestibular Rehabilitation

Our physiotherapists are expertly trained to assess, treat and diagnose vestibular conditions. They will work with you to improve your body awareness, minimise vestibular symptoms, and to treat secondary problems, such as visual fixation, or neck and thoracic stiffness.

Balance is something many people take for granted.  Suffering from vestibular dysfunction such as decreased balance, dizziness or vertigo can be really scary and can provoke anxiety or stress.  Our physiotherapists allow time in your consultation to educate you about the vestibular system and the symptoms that you are experiencing, as well as using evidence-based treatment techniques that include vestibular rehabilitation exercises, sensory integration work through facilitated exercises, and soft tissue work for those with neck discomfort and stiffness often associated with vestibular dysfunction.  They may provide you with techniques that you can perform at home when experiencing symptoms as well as a home-exercise program.

At Bespoke we also offer Balance and Mobility classes in a small group setting. This group is especially helpful if you have on-going balance difficulties. Classes are specifically designed to improve balance in a safe and controlled environment and addresses anxieties that are often associated with vestibular dysfunction.

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