Initial Consultation

Treatment Time: 1 hour & 15 mins (1 hour & 30 mins for Vestibular patients)

Subsequent Consultation

Subsequent Consultation - 1 hour

What happens during consultation?

Our physiotherapist's spend approximately 1 hour with their clients.  They remain with their clients for the entire consultation and use a gentle comprehensive hands on treatment.  All clients receive a structured exercise/rehabilitation program.  Hydrotherapy and exercises that focus on strengthening core muscles are often prescribed.  Bobath concept is used as the principal treating technique because of its emphasis on Neurological reconditioning. After your consultation a letter will be sent to your referring General Practitioner or Specialist. 

What to bring to your appointment

Please bring along any scans or medical reports you may have relating to your condition. 

If you wish to have someone accompany you to your appointment we are happy for them to sit in on the treatment or alternatively relax in our waiting room.  We often encourage patients with complex conditions such as vestibular dysfunction, vertigo or dizziness to bring someone along with them and welcome any questions that your support person may have.

What to wear to your appointment

For patients with back or neck issues and all neurological patients, it is helpful if you could bring a pair of shorts or gym pants, singlet or t-shirt. This allows a comprehensive assessment of your standing, sitting and walking posture. This is not required for vestibular patients.


2 & 4 hour parking is available on Villier, Wreckyn and Courtney Street, all close by. 

Public Transport

Tram 19, Stop 10 / Tram 55, Stop 14 / Tram 59, Stop 14