What is the NDIS?

The National Disability Index Scheme, commonly referred to as the NDIS, supports eligible people under the age of 65 with permanent and significant disability to build skills and capability so they can participate in the community and employment.

Bespoke Physiotherapy is a registered NDIS provider in Victoria.

NDIS supports offered at Bespoke Physiotherapy

  • One-on-one neurological physiotherapy, under Capacity Building

  • Support for new participants navigating the NDIS

  • A platform for collaboration between support providers

  • Advocating for our clients

  • Assessments and Reports for NDIS pre-planning

  • Assessments and Reports for NDIS plan reviews

  • Training of attendant care workers, family members or others for therapy support and manual handling

  • Sourcing, prescription and justification of equipment under Assistive Technology

How are my appointments funded?

There are a number of ways that your appointments are funded depending on how your NDIS plan has been set up. You may be:

  • Self Managed – Bespoke Physiotherapy will issue you with an invoice for the service which is to be settled on the day of service.

  • Plan Nominee – Bespoke Physiotherapy will issue your Plan Nominee with an invoice, which is to be settled on the day of service if possible, otherwise no later than 7 days after the day of service.

  • NDIA Managed – Bespoke Physiotherapy will upload the invoice through the NDIS Portal on behalf of the Participant.

  • Plan Management Provider – Bespoke Physiotherapy will issue an invoice to the Participants Plan Management Provider through the NDIS Portal.

Please don’t hesitate to ask our friendly NDIS co-ordinator if you have any questions regarding NDIS funding.

Steps to accessing services under the NDIS at Bespoke Physiotherapy

  • Step 1: Get in touch with us about your disability and what you hope to achieve with support from our physiotherapists and the NDIS.

  • Step 2: Complete a registration form and details on how your plan is managed (e.g. self-managed, plan nominee, NDIA managed, or plan management agency managed).

  • Step 3: Set up an initial appointment with your preferred Physiotherapist. At this appointment we will work together to understand your disability, lifestyle, current supports and short and long-term goals. We will conduct a thorough assessment to guide the planning of the type of therapy supports and/or assistive technology you would like or require.

  • Step 4: Together we will collaborate on writing a service agreement and service logs detailing your plan for physiotherapy input (e.g. type and frequency of sessions) to ensure full transparency of the scope of the services provided to you.

  • Step 5: Commence services as agreed together