Straighten Up & Move More

The sedentary nature of our modern lives is arguably the key underlying cause of sub-optimal posture and pain. The less we move, the more our spine adapts to carrying the head in front of our center of gravity, increasing loading on the lower back (See Picture below). Moving more and making gradual changes to our body alignment is something that we can all benefit from, and doing so allows the spine to be more mobile and supported.

Here are some ways to add more movement into your day:

Use a Sit to Stand Desk or sit on a Fit-ball: Both are great way to encourage postural changes throughout the day. Standing up for intervals throughout the day allows the postural muscles to be more active, and the change in blood flow may even increase your focus and productivity. Talk to your workplace about this.

Vary your Posture: Associate different tasks with different positions; for example, support the whole spine along the backrest while typing, sit up tall while on the phone and lean forward for writing tasks.

Walk when you can at work: Get up every 20 minutes if you can; think ‘Motion is Lotion’ and ‘Movement is Medicine’. Walk in your lunch break. Even walking to the water cooler, or to a colleagues desk in replacement for sending an email is better than no movement. Set reminders on your computer.

Do your exercises: Regularly do pelvic tilts, bringing your head over your spine (with the chin tucking in towards the throat) If you're unsure have a chat with one of our Physios.

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